onlyfire Santa-Maria Style Grill Rotisserie System Adjustable Cooking Grate Attachment for Weber 22 inch Kettle Grills Backyard Grilling

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Brand: onlyfire


  • Dimensions: This grill system stands at 17.2" overall height, base at 28.2" long. The cooking grate is 21.5" in diameter.
  • Made of heavy duty durable material, in addition to the essential stability and heat resistance properties, it resists corrosion and prevents rust in extreme weather.
  • Enhance your outdoor cooking: The biggest point of this product is its versatility. It adds versatility to your Kettle-style grill, giving you the option to adjust distance from the flame and control the heat levels of your grilling.
  • Adjustability: There is a lifting handle on the top of the system, use the hand crank to adjust the cooking grate at any height you like. Whether it is a grill or a rotisserie, it can be adjusted according to your needs. There are motor brackets on both sides of the kit. If you don't need rotisserie, just remove it from the bracket so you can use the grate of the kettle normally.
  • The perfect combination of rotisserie kit and cooking grate, easy to assembly. Use charcoals or woods as fuel to barebecue.

Publisher: onlyfire

Details: Specification: Height: 17.2" Overall diameter: 28.2" Grill grate diameter: 21 1/2" Rotisserie kit: 29.5*5/16" square tainless steel spit rod, with universal cordless motor(battery not included) Versatility: We combined the uniqueness of our 22" cooking sytem with a rotisserie kit, you can rotisserie a chicken then simply take off the rotisserie kit,barbeque your delicious steaks and veggies with ease on the grate, makes it possible to sit around a grill and enjoy bbq fun with family and friends, enhance your outdoor cooking like never before. Pair this attachment with your kettle grill for optimal effects, adding more adjustability and versatility to your outdoor grilling experience. Control the heat like never before, and give yourself full command over your cooking. If you love camping, remove the kit and take it with you.It works as a portable open-flame grill all on its own! Assembly is very easy, all accessories are included like our page shown.You can get to grilling asap.

Package Dimensions: 27.8 x 26.6 x 4.6 inches