NO NAME Original Sirloin Steak Gift Package-Family Pack of 16 x 6oz Beef Sirloin Steaks- Boneless Steak , Tender- - Perfect for Gift Giving and Family Gatherings

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  • THE ORIGINAL NO NAME STEAKS- Since 1970, NO NAME Steaks carry a legacy of premier flavor that helped build our reputation as one of Minnesota’s favorite steak purveyors. Today, we’re more than proud to bring our 16-Pack of Sirloin Steaks that are hand cut and trimmed by our master butchers, right to your front door.
  • SIRLOIN STEAK PROFILE- No Name Sirloin Steaks originate from the bottom sirloin cut of select beef cattle. Also known as Bottom Loin Steak, Flap Steak, and similar to a Tri Tip Steak. This specific cut carries less fat and is perfect for grilling or skillet cast iron pan frying. It’s very tender, juicy and carries intense beef flavor.
  • MARINATED WITH OUR SIGNATURE SEASONINGS- All our Sirloin Steaks are carefully packaged and are pre-marinated with our signature recipe for delicious, mouthwatering results. Whether you want to grill, broil or cook them on the stove, jaw-dropping results are simply guaranteed.
  • SECURELY PACKED-SHIPPED IN COOLER- We want our steaks to reach you in pristine condition as if you were buying them straight from the original local butcher shop in Minnesota. Each steak is individually vacuum sealed, flash frozen, securely packed & shipped in a cooler with dry ice so that they arrive frozen
  • GIFT OF AMAZING FLAVOR- Treat your family and friends to amazing steak, or maybe there’s a Holiday dinner with friends and family coming up, our family pack is bound to deliver both on taste and value. Take joy in one of Minnesota’s finest cuts, and impress your guests or loved ones upon any occasion.

Publisher: No Name Butcher Quality Meats


No Name Steaks- Minnesota's Original Prime Cuts

The year is 1970. In a humble neighborhood butcher shop the original NO NAME master butchers were set on creating the perfect hand-cut and trimmed steak. Folks were quick to catch up as word got around. The steaks turned tender every time, and soon enough, lines of customers were forming around the block.

When a customer asked our butcher what the steaks were called, he replied, "They don't have a name".

That's when the NO NAME Steaks legend was born. And until this very day, we carry on that legacy with the same passion for remarkably high back-end production, for meats that are one-of-a-kind.

Simply put, our butchers do not stop working until it's worthy of our NO NAME.


Our steaks are left to marinate in our signature mix, so that you can get the authentic Minnesotan experience with mouthwatering results. Enjoy high-end dishes every time, with zero guesswork involved.

Securely Packed

All NO NAME steaks are shipped in individual vacuum sealed bags, are flash frozen and shipped into secure packs within a cooler that carries dry ice. This way we ensure they reach you in mint condition and stay frozen.


With each NO NAME Steak package, you get 8x 6oz Steaks. This makes for a value-packed deal that is perfect for any family dinner, BBQ gathering, Sunday Grill or any occasion worthy of a juicy Sirloin Steak

So, whether you simply miss Minnesota and want to get some flavor that feels like home, or you want to treat yourself to one of Minnesota's Original Signature Steaks- You can never go wrong with NO NAME Steaks.

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